CHIROspin | The favorite iPad app for health care professionals!
CHIROspin is an iPad application designed as a patient education tool for all health care practitioners working in the complex world of spinal pathology.
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With CHIROspin you can easily change language settings between English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Danish or Italian. And more are always on the way.


Horizontal view

Flip CHIROspin around any which way you want. Horizontal view gives you the optimal edge-to-edge TV-experience with AirPlay.


Draw function

Further your patients’ comprehension by drawing on the screen to boost focus. Finish by sending a screenshot with the drawing to your patients email.


Share function

With a touch of a button you can instantly send a screenshot to a printer or directly to your patients email. It’s a great way to help your patients remember the consultation.


AirPlay enabled

Get CHIROspin wirelessly on the big screen by connecting your iPad with an AppleTV. Alternatively you can project the app through a wire connected to your TV.



The CHIROspin application is more than ready for Apple’s newest software for the iPad. Always expect the same smooth experience on the most up-to-date iOS.


Retina & iPad Pro optimized

Every aspect of the app has been specifically designed for beautiful retina, as well as the iPad Pro display.


Simplified settings

With CHIROspin it is easy to access and change language settings and to reach us for support and comments. With our social media integration, you are only one click away from sharing your experiences with colleagues and friends.